Introduce TraitSniper Upgrade

In today's social media-driven world, influence is the currency of social networking and business success. Twitter, being the largest Web3 traffic portal, boasts numerous key influencers who are driving the development of the Web3 industry.
To identify individuals with real and influential resonance among their followers, we will be using TwitterScan API to analyze each user's digital footprint for engagement, coverage, and influence. Our aim is to not only target users with large fan bases but also those who can contribute significantly towards enhancing personal influence and value.
Through this mechanism, every user can witness their growing reputation on social media while becoming an influential node contributing to the prosperity of Web3. Influence is no longer just about follower numbers; it has become a critical factor in capturing personal commercial value and realizing actual income.
Moreover, projects struggling to obtain Web3 traffic can benefit from our platform by identifying key influencers across various vertical fields and communities. With data-driven decisions based on efficient precision cooperation through strategic partnerships, they can quickly improve brand awareness even as cold-starting businesses.