Influence Economy

With the airdrop launched, TraitSniper will attract extensive active value users and incentivize Twitter interactions and content creation, eventually establishing a Web3 influence network
Once the prototype is formed, business cooperation will be opened up for projects to customize social promotion activities at a fee. Users can participate in these promotional activities as tasks to achieve win-win results. The promotional activities may include sending tweets with project-specified topics, inviting friends to participate in certain activities, and staking specified assets on-chain.
To facilitate content generation, TraitSniper has implemented AI-generated tweet services that allow users to install the TraitSniper plugin and select this feature on their Twitter page. This service not only customizes tweets for projects but also frees users from copywriting troubles while achieving precise marketing campaign effects for products or services.
In the future, TraitSniper plans to build a complete influence network that establishes multi-directional communication systems among influencers or projects and between influencers and projects to effectively break down Web3 information barriers. By logging into the TraitSniper influence network, any user can quickly find target partners for customized multi-dimensional cooperation strategies.