How to Trade $TS?

The $TS liquidity pool is now live, and all users can start trading $TS on our official website at or on the Pancake platform.
Initially, 100 billion $TS is added with an initial price of $0.000001 per $TS. The liquidity pool is owned by protocol and can never be removed.
For sustainable development, trading protection rules were implemented at the initial phase. Now all restrictions have been lifted, allowing all users to freely trade.
  • A 10% tax is applied to user buys (9% burned, 1% allocated to the development).
  • User trading unlocks Airdrop tokens in a 1:1 ratio - 5% unlocks the user's own Airdrop, 3% unlocks the inviter's Airdrop, and 1% unlocks all users' Airdrops. The unlock does not occur if there are no inviters or Airdrops to be unlocked.
Let's take an example with Alice. When she pays 1000 USDT, she will receive $TS worth 900 USDT, and $TS worth 50 USDT will be unlocked from Airdrop. Additionally, her inviter will get $TS worth 30 USDT unlocked, and all holders will split the $TS worth 10 USDT unlocked.
Please note that for the best trading experience, we recommend conducting transactions directly on the official website.