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Since the launch of TraitSniper, we have gained enthusiastic support from a large number of NFT players due to our exceptional performance and user experience. With 2 million monthly active users and over 100,000 Chrome extension installations, TraitSniper has become a leading NFT tool.
However, we are not content with just this achievement. Currently, our user base is limited to the NFT field and there exists an information silo between each user. We firmly believe that web3 should be more than just an individual existence; it should be a closely integrated whole that connects all value creators and participants to jointly resist FUD and pave the way for long-term prosperity in the crypto ecosystem. Therefore, we have decided to comprehensively upgrade TraitSniper to link rich users and ecosystems together while making greater contributions to Web3.
The goal of TraitSniper is to identify every valuable user by connecting them closely with various high-quality projects and communities, and eventually build a comprehensive yet effective Web3 influence network with massive real-world SocailFi scenarios.
Through continuous innovation and efforts, we firmly believe that TraitSniper will serve as a crucial link connecting the global Web3 social finance ecosystem by creating the most extensive and valuable influence network around it, which will ultimately lead us toward building a rich SocialFi ecosystem.